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BIG BIM little bim - the practical approach to building information modeling

The practical approach to Building Information Modeling - Integrated Practice done the right way!

BIG BIM little bim challenges architects, owners, constructors and other design professionals to consider the way they currently ?do business.? If you want to move your practice to the leading edge, this book provides innovative ideas, guidance and proven results in using building information models?from idea, to concept, to reality?the RIGHT way!

"This is the first book that really explains the process and it's benefits to Architects. A must have for anyone exploring the world of BIM"

The goal is to make your projects more successful over the facility life cycle. The author and his team shows you how to use building information modeling, cost control systems and facilities management technologies to help clients organize their projects. They are the innovators of systems that allow clients to find facts quicker and with more certainty.

About the Author: Finith E. Jernigan AIA - Born in Texas, raised in England and Germany, and now living in Maryland, the former Air Force brat builds cooperation and efficiency into every project undertaken by Design Atlantic Ltd, his Salisbury, MD firm. He lectures extensively and briefs architects, scientists, educators, technology experts, government agencies, private sector clients, and Members of Congress about BIM and integrated processes. He has served as principal-in-charge for government and institutional projects for over twenty-five years and has personally completed more than two hundred projects using virtual building models. He creates simple and low-cost methods for applying BIM to real-world architectural projects.


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