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BIM For Interior Design - An exclusive event

The profile of Program Presenter: Thomas M. Simmons

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BIM For Interior Design - An exclusive event

BIM provides enormous benefits to Interior Designers . With BIM the interior designers can easily share their ideas, study and assesses space as well as facilitates to predict the performance of a finished building.

An exclusive workshop on BIM for Interior Design will be held on October 24th in Oakland/AIA East Bay - at 3:30-5pm. This workshop will facilitate attendees to acquire individual experience with BIM technology concerning real-world application. Participants will learn the advantages of BIM first-hand and how it is creating value for interior designers to make them more competitive, productive and profitable.

The benefits for attendee:

Credits: AIA CES & IDCEC – 1 Unit

Register at : www.archvista.com

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