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Smart Building Conference in London 2013

Venue: London on Tuesday 15 October

For further enquiries about the Smart Building Conference please use the contact:

Dan Goldstein, Director of Marketing and Communications, dgoldstein@iseurope.org

For registration: http://www.smartbuildingconference.com/

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BIM Events - BIM professionals can enhance their knowledge with the Smart Building Conference in London

The next Smart Building Conference will be arranged at Dexter House in London on 15th October. The event will be a meeting place for experts belonging to various complimentary fields. These people can communicate with each other regarding general cause of thinking, working and building to make the future of Smart Building more promising.

The Smart Building Conference will consist of an audience of building systems professionals ranging from architects, facilities managers, consultants, developers and other groups who assemble to sharpen their awareness and expertise in integration, room and building control systems, fire and security, CCTV, networking, energy management, lighting and so many.

In this event, Director of Architectural Development of FSR Inc, Jon Melchin, will provide a brief presentation focusing on his know-how on Building Information Modeling (BIM). This session will be occurring at 2:30 PM.

In his speech Melchin will highlight the potentiality of BIM in the application of smart building and its capability to accumulate various parties mutually to distribute information concerning a building, its components and the energy efficiency performance evaluation related to an intelligent environment.

Besides, Melchin also shows how BIM can be efficiently applied for 3d design, modeling and simulation to make a sea change in the architectural field.

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