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The features of the new version of ArchiCAD 14 listed below:

  • Shadows in Open GL 3D View
  • Extended Options for Doors & Windows
  • Dimension Text Prefix & Suffix
  • Improved Handling of Schedules
  • Direct Import of Site-Survey Data
  • Performance Optimizations

Besides ArchiCAD, Graphisoft offers ArchiFM for facilities management and recently introduced a complete new product line for design/build firms, construction firms, engineering firms and consultants. This product set, which includes GS Constructor and GS Estimator, allows companies to perform model-based calculations for scheduling, estimating and purchasing and provides a comprehensive platform with which they can manage an entire construction project. Constructor also includes a next-generation MEP modeling environment as well as a structural modeling library.

BIM ArchiCAD16...

Graphisoft will be going to launch ArchiCAD 16 on May 30, 2012. The users can download ArchiCAD 16 from www.myarchicad.com sometime during the first or second week of June. ArchiCAD 16 can simplify the formation, allocation and finding of custom BIM components by providing a complete ecosystem of solutions.

ArchiCAD 16 contains MORPH™ tool that will facilitate creating custom BIM components, custom structures, freedom elements of the built environment including custom-designed building interiors with any custom geometry in an instinctive graphical way. So direct modeling is possible into the indigenous BIM environment.  Any object or element like slab, beam or wall etc. in the software can be drawn, morphed and revised.  Every node, edge and every surface are moved and shaped in any direction.

The modeling ability of ArchiCAD’s is linked with the cloud-based BIM Component database that facilitates users to generate, look for, upload, and download custom BIM components as per choices. The complete integrated web portal can share BIM components with a core community function.

ArchiCAD 16 includes an in-built energy evaluation functionality that offers greenest BIM solution. The architects will be able to assess the proper energy consumption of building (geometry analysis analyze and envisage the carbon footprint of buildings, hourly online weather data of the located building) at all phases of design through their BIM model within ArchiCAD. The architects also undertake maximum design decisions early in the design stage. It supports LEED, Green Star, EnEv and BREEAM certifications.

With ArchiCAD 16,  the users will experience an improved workflow and productivity that range from upgraded BIM Server™, Cloud-integrated model sharing service for BIMx (offers a  active way to distribute architectural designs on a mobile device or tablet) users with an dynamic maintenance contract, better Library, and superior Teamwork backup options for even high-tech data security . BIMx provides a.

ArchiCAD comes up with enhanced IFC handling skills by managing a wide array of IFC data and DXF/DWG data exchange.

ArchiCAD 16 System Requirements

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