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BIM Benefit to Architectural Designer ...

  • BIM supports design investigation by letting architectural designers study multiple design alternatives simultaneously within a single model.
  • Construction documents are generated more easily with BIM, letting architects to use up more time on the building design
  • Production of well-coordinated documentation
  • Faster Building systems coordination (space reservation, clash detection)
  • Accuracy of detailed design activities like quantification and costing
  • Design prototype (space arrangements, assemblies, materials)
  • Allows model checkers to assist with quality control
  • Analysis (space, lighting, energy, structural)
  • Drawing production quality (flexible, exploits automation, better coordinated)
  • Design exploration/interrogation (data rich visual models)
  • Engineering accuracy (measurement, context)
  • The data embodied within the building information model is rich and reliable which can be used for early tasks such as schematic space planning and master scheduling
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