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Building Information Modeling or BIM creates flawless integration between design, engineering, analysis, construction, and operations for the complete lifecycle of facilities. Architects and Designers get unrestricted freedom to discover more design options for producing more improved & informed design decisions, and to forecast costs and performance.

With the help of BIM technology the computer tells the designer when he has placed a wall in the middle of a window as the pieces used to assemble the building model-the floors, walls, roofs, doors, windows, and other components-have been programmed to "know" what they are. BIM can be used to express the quantity of the building materials and their costs after the final design is completed.

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BIM can mechanically coordinate all design and construction documents and this leads to eliminate errors and omissions. The architectural and AE firms are well positioned to deliver better buildings in scheduled time and within budget to get more revenue.

The architects can visualize complex derivatives and geometry of entire scheme as BIM creates complex and integrated models easily.

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Advanced architectural BIM modeling techniques in Rhino5: 03 starting a project, simple masses

BIM, maintains co-ordination and consistency all through the design development phase and any alteration within the project will consequence updating of related drawings and documents.

All meta data (non-geometric information) like list of materials used, Bill of quantities, doors and windows schedule etc are automatically generated from a BIM model. These meta data are utilized directly for reports devoid of cross-verification.

Engineering firm utilize BIM to analyze late changes smoothly and rapidly return the data to the architect for examination.

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