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Asbuilt documents are the compilation of paper drawings or electronic drawings that characteristically exist in the contractor’s onsite preview that include markups, annotations, and comments about changes being made to the contract documents throughout the construction phase.

As-Built Documentation is referenced and modeled by means of BIM in which digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of a facility are built analyzed, documented and evaluated virtually, then modified iteratively until the optimal "model" is documented to establish proper orientation and location for the building.

AsBuilt Design Intent Models are updated throughout the construction procedure and all changes and updates are being communicated from the Contractor to the Design Team through the comments, annotations, and markups from the AsBuilt Documents.

The lack of proper as-built documentation for existing facilities can have a significant impact on operations during:

The different kinds of shop drawings:-

  • Architectural and engineering re-design of buildings
  • Planning of extensions, renovations, relocation
  • Documenting newly acquired facilities in M&A processes
  • Making existing documentation consistent with corporate standards
  • Maintenance of complex facilities

The creation of "as-is" spatial information in the form of 3D models, 2D layout plans and section drawings of buildings evidently lead to great time savings and decreases design errors when architects or engineers have to work on existing structures.

Today BIM Buildings Information Models, a technology which offers an integrated spatial documentation database of buildings.

We at Global Associates provide accurate As-Built BIM models and documentation. With BIM we create a virtual model of the existing building utilizing the X, Y and Z axes for coordination and visualization that enables the furthering creations of more sustainable, accurate designs with fewer errors and less waste. 3D BIM is used by architects for verification and operational purposes and later on their following 4D and 5D modeling included with time and cost management. Through the integrated BIM process; if BIM Asbuilt begins well 5D modeling ends successfully.

By applying BIM we provide 3D as-built modeling to decide the best 3 diagonals in site area to eliminating the chance of inaccuracy.

We at BIM outsourcing provide cutting-edge building information modeling services...