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List of BIM softwares:

The Features of AutoDesk AutoCAd Architectural are:

  • Scheduling: Customize the appearance of out-of-the-box schedule styles to meet company standards or create new schedules from scratch, complete with required calculations, with ease.
  • Rendering: Bring designs to life for client presentations at any stage of the design with integrated rendering. The streamlined visualization capabilities are fully integrated into the AutoCAD Architecture workflow.
  • Renovation Documentation Tools: Speed the design and production of renovation projects with tools to help create correct representations of existing, new, and demolition plans.
  • Dimensioning: Greater flexibility in AutoCAD Architecture enables you to dimension any wall—and all its components, including wall stud centerlines and faces—according to your own dimensioning standards.

Autodesk AutoCAD Architectural ...

Autodesk Architectural Desktop is an object-based BIM solution based on AutoCAD. Any improvements or updates to AutoCAD are reflected in Architectural Desktop. This solution uses specialized programming and routines to make AutoCAD perform as a BIM modeler. It's a unidirectional solution that saves all information in separate DWG drawing files. Each file often contains information on disparate information such as doors and walls.

These files are then linked by a programmed xref system called the Project Navigator so the program can interact with them. Architectural Desktop is unidirectional in that any change in the model is expressed in all views, but not all views can change the model. In most cases, Architectural Desktop's documents must be saved and views refreshed to update and coordinate all of its documents.

It's the most widely distributed BIM software, due in great part to the large installed AutoCAD user base. Architectural Desktop is very capable and relies heavily on the automation of entity creation. It's very sophisticated software, so new users may have some initial difficulty, but in the hands of an experienced operator, it's very productive and capable of handling the biggest projects. Because it's basically enhanced AutoCAD, using the native DWG format, it's especially capable during the construction document phase. Because Architectural Desktop is very popular, several third-party books are available, and it's taught in many universities and community colleges. More third-party plug-ins are available for Architectural Desktop than for any of the other BIM solutions.

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