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The owner should embrace BIM to reap the benefit of a well-organized and extremely coordinated method of project delivery. Project schedules are also curtailed and overall project costs is decreased.

A BIM model contains huge database of vital information and the owner can utilize these information for analysis and decision making. The database is repetitively updated and filtered during the life cycle of the model. Besides modification can be made at a single location in spite of how many times the data is presented or distributed. The recurrence of requesting, parsing, assembling and transmitting information among team members at the different arenas of a model’s life is significantly decreased or removed. This leads to improved communication between team members and more apt reply to owner concerns or suggestions.

BIM generates coordinated construction documents which can enhance the efficiency of the design and construction procedure. The owner can gain huge cost saving as the project scheduled is accelerated to a great extent.

The owner can apply BIM at pre-design phase and expand it during the design, bidding, construction, occupancy and finally decommissioning of the building.

BIM plays a key role in allocating data for analysis and simulation. BIM makes it possible to develop the amount and types of project analysis. This may vary from early investigation of building energy efficiency throughout conceptual massing, to structural/mechanical/electrical load analysis all through design, quantity take-offs throughout the project bidding, shop drawing review/fabrication all through construction, or even facility asset management throughout occupancy. The owner obtains more value by allocating different analyses to be executed with the transmission of data. This is applicable where numerous iterations of an analysis are replicated and purified at different phases of the BIM lifecycle.

Some exclusive benefits of owner:

  • Owner gets the advantage of informed decision-making with the high-tech analysis of building systems, alternative materials, equipment, and technologies
  • The owners get an idea about the estimation of the materials and the sequence of work.
  • BIM delivers the best 'what if' situation and facilitates the owner to pick up the best one.
  • Solve the constructability issues.
  • Trim down contractor doubt facilitating a more precise cost representation and more reliable bids.
  • Assist project team to build up a realistic and unified phasing plan.
  • Minimize general project delivery time throughout the design stage in addition to the construction phase.
  • Enhance overall accuracy of project documentation.
  • Facilitate the analysis of sustainable design alternatives and cost comparisons.
  • Generate perfect and well-timed information instantly available to team members at several locations, with the construction site.
  • Makes the way to get better asset management.
  • Presents a mechanism for improved building and equipment maintenance.
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