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The advantage of using Bentley Architecture:

  • Model building information: Bentley is committed to delivering complete BIM solutions that support the whole project delivery process for the entire lifecycle of facilities.
  • Compress design development time: To facilitate the rapid design and modeling of the most complex buildings, Bentley Architecture supports the creation of virtually every type of building object and component with a comprehensive range of dedicated tools.
  • Create virtually any form: For rapid creation of complex parametric objects and assemblies, such as doors, windows, curtain walls, shop fronts, or handrails, Bentley Architecture includes extremely powerful modeling technology.
  • Get immediate visual feedback: Bentley Architecture provides immediate visual feedback and streamlines the creation of convincing presentations without the need to export data to an external visualization application, because powerful design visualization tools, which include ray and particle tracing, radiosity, animation, lighting, and camera controls, and more, are seamlessly integrated.

Bentley Architecture ...

Bentley Architecture is the architectural application within Bentley's multidisciplinary suite of solutions. It's an object-oriented product, and like its companions for structural and building systems engineering, it's based on the MicroStation platform. Because MicroStation has the second largest number of installed seats, there is a large pool of operators from which to draw. MicroStation or AutoCAD operators can easily become proficient with Bentley Architecture, and Bentley offers full DWG support to integrate with AutoCAD and Architectural Desktop users on mixed-platform projects.

Bentley Architecture has been used by leading firms on many large and inspiring architectural projects around the world. For example, Bentley's architectural and engineering solutions are currently being used to construct a full multidisciplinary model of the Pentagon, the largest office building in the world.

Bentley Architecture includes full top-quality rendering and animation from within its user interface (figure 2, p. 53) and also provides capabilities for modeling, visualization, reporting, schedules, cost and program analysis, bidirectional integration with engineering analysis applications, schedule simulation and 4D design. It also offers a capability called 2D/3D choice, which allows users to work in either the 3D model or 2D drawing views--or in both at the same time--while keeping all drawings and the models in sync. Bentley offers a complete BIM solution for architects and engineers working on a single platform and supports those on other platforms through standard formats such as DWG, PDF, CIS/2 and the IAI's IFCs, making it very appealing for multidisciplinary teams and complex projects.

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