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Beyond BIM: Architecture Information Modeling – An exclusive e-book for BIM professionals

Danelle Briscoe, an Assistant Professor at the University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture, has published an exclusive e-book alias Beyond BIM: Architecture Information Modeling. This e-book is available in kindle edition. The book contains 264 pages.

Beyond BIM analyzes the immeasurable design potentiality that has not been explored either physically or intellectually in information modeling. In this BIM book, the author explains how BIM can be used as an effective & primary tool for creating innovative design as well as the benefits of BIM in real life and its theoretical implications. All these are supported with a series of research works undertaken for the analysis of built work, interviews with the most recognized practitioners, and theoretical projects. Arranged with information type like geographic data, local code, or materials, every chapter represents a domain of knowledge that must be procured and imported into BIM to provide substantial explicitness to architectural form and space. Although greatly demonstrable, the work cataloged and visualized in this book goes beyond ‘normalization,’ to expose innovation undertaken for current practice.

Beyond BIM turns into an essential resource toward professional architects amid practice, researchers and designers dealing with information related spatial design processes, and students and faculties of architecture schools in quest of BIM design inspiration. Also, those highly perceptive in working out and creating form and space through unorthodox manners, specifically built outcomes that apply BIM, will find this book interesting and indispensable.

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Beyond BIM: Architecture Information Modeling
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