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We at Global Associates utilize BIM together with lean construction practices for smoothing the work process for manufacturing, healthcare and other market sectors.

Our model based lean approach deliver a huge cost saving in budget for owner as it significantly reduce waste and increase efficiencies throughout the life of the project.

It is a data rich work-planning tool that speed ups schedule and supports numerous downstream efficiency gains.

BIM / lean enabled workflows generate a comprehensive digital coordination process. The lean practice is very much useful for prefabricators as it helps to achieve levels of prefabrication. Fabricators are able to get large percentages of prefabrication on major components of the building systems.

Subcontractor can visually "prototype" all portions of their work in detail long before the commencement of fabrication or construction.

We utilize lean construction practices to solve the significant process issues like lack of time or money for full development, lack of training, lack of modeling standards or a lack of collaboration between stakeholders to the model.

Lean is a process improvement technology that provides an integrated project delivery approach towards a facility’s completion, identifying and then capturing huge opportunities to diminish waste, rationalize and drastically improve the end result.

A project team gets the ability to produce superior transparency, consistency and predictability in the quality of the work and reduction of material waste. Lean practices also reduce the waste in all its hidden form like defects, motion, inventory, transportation, overproduction, processing and waiting.

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