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After completion of a project the owner has to undergo the subsequent operations, repair, renewal and maintenance (facility management) costs of the building during its life span. With the emergence of building information modeling (BIM) technologies, the building owner can now make use of fully intelligent 3D design models to ensure that the building is functioning appropriately today, as well as 20 years into the future.

The majority of construction professionals embrace BIM as a coordinated model to significantly benefit the way that a building is operated and maintained.

A multidisciplinary BIM model virtually includes all of the appropriate data about a given facility and these data can be utilized to greatly to efficiently operate and maintain facilities for owners.

After completion of the building construction a set of “as-built” drawings, specifications and shop drawings often deliver to the owner for the operations and maintenance of the facility. But the owners find it difficult to understand the drawings and essential information related to building components and elements. Besides the volumes of specifications, shop drawings and documentations are finding difficult to locate or understand.

BIM with its three dimensional manner seamlessly integrate all the building information into a single source — the model. When presented as a fully accessible closeout package, this can renovate facilities management.

BIM facilitates the owner and maintenance staff to manage the operations and maintenance of the building effectively by replacing current as-built drawings, specifications and all relevant information about every building element in a Web-based three dimensional (3D) interface with a highly functional dashboard of capabilities. BIM provides an effective asset management system of a building during its entire lifecycle by keeping comprehensive and complete set of documentation, integrated with a CMMS.

BIM as an information framework act as an integrator and deliver coordinated, consistent, reliable space and room data to organize and report facility-related information for Facility Managers.

With BIM architects and contractors create “virtual” plans that contain precise and interactive graphic depictions of a building and all its properties. This will help facility managers to operate efficiently from the conceptual stage of construction.

With better insight into operations, facility managers are able to perform in anticipation of a problem rather than in reaction to a problem. Operations can be contoured efficiently for years ahead of the initial project stage, saving time and money.
BIM can be leveraged as a means of intelligent building management as the model efficiently deal with maintenance schedules, repairs, renovations, and costs.

Facility Managers get the ability to recover data, track alterations, and scrutinize systems during renovation, sale, or demolition of the construction.

How does BIM perform for the maintenance of an MEP system. Suppose you find a leakage in piping system. A BIM model can include all the in depth information concerning the interconnected systems and their associated parts, manuals, and other relevant documentation. Here a facility manager can find out the source of the problem without difficulty and take necessary steps to fix it.

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