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structural concrete

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  • BIM provides a good estimation during bidding and procurement
  • BIM improves coordination in construction sequencing
  • Effective marketing presentation of construction approaches
  • BIM helps in identifying possible conflicts that may arise during building construction
  • BIM allows for more what if analysis, such as construction sequencing options, shuffling of human resources, fine-tuning cost factors, etc.
  • BIM helps clients and end-users in understanding and visualizing the end product

BIM Benefits ...

BIM can be defined as a quantifiable illustration of the physical and functional characteristics of a facility as well as interrelated project/life-cycle information with open industry standards to update business decision making for recognizing better value. BIM is applied for presenting and visualizing building components, construction sequences, resource allocation and other disciplines of the construction process in a virtual environment. Some of the prominent benefits of Building Information Modeling are:

  • A robust design sequence with reduced risk of material and on-site problems
  • BIM is a combination progression from various domains, technology, and product solutions 
  • Enhance understanding and minimize risk providing enough information to understand life cycle cost estimation
  • BIM solidly sets robust life-cycle management procedures inside technology to allow quick execution, scalability, transparency, collaboration and promise consistency.
  • BIM, together with Cloud Technology facilitates well-organized building life-cycle management
  • The ā€˜Iā€™ within BIM refer to information regarding standardized definitions, data architectures, taxonomies, metrics, etc. It is the core component of BIM  
  • Decrease capital costs throughout improved supply chain management
  • Trim down energy costs by providing optimized sustainable designs
  • Develop operating efficiencies to get the most out of the building life cycle costs
  • Get better cost control producing consistent and precise cost estimates
  • A cohesive supply chain during the construction stages
  • Lessen delivery time and costs by providing an improved project delivery
  • Improved documentation and examination for sustainable design and building alternatives, generally before the commencement of actual construction
  • Value at every stage of the construction course, from preliminary conception through to project achievement
  • Reduce errors and reworks by improving collaboration and coordination
  • Intelligent building data to be applied to manage the building and facilities
  • Well-organized, collaborative, and incorporated construction delivery methods are central to BIM ā€“ Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), Job Order Contracting (JOC).. The IPD will be applied for renovation, repair and sustainability projects.
  • BIM is the integration of CPMS, CMMS, CAFM, ACD (Adaptive Construction Delivery), GIS, BAS, and BPM (building product manufactures) methods and data.
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