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BIM technology becomes more and more mainstream in the construction sector

With the advent of Business information modeling (BIM) technology, the construction industry becomes high-tech. All the project stakeholders utilize BIM in the construction process that range from design and construction firms to building operators. Besides architects, project managers, contractors and trades workers, engaged with a construction process, are also being benefitted.

BIM can be defined as 100 per cent a game-changer for the (construction) industry. BIM technology refers to a central technology hub that represented with numerous diverse software packages taking into consideration the complete lifestyle of a building. All concerned parties of a construction process get the ability to form, synchronize, document, control, revise, transform and analyze every single characteristic of design and construction in real time with a collective, central hub.

BIM is applied to renovate the system buildings are designed, the system they're planned and the system they're managed. BIM based technology can transfer the paradigm to get better output.

BIM is now also playing an important role for infrastructure projects. More than 27 per cent of the civil engineers are utilizing BIM for infrastructure projects.

BIM is also going to be fruitful for making the efficiencies required for advancing productivity among a construction sector labour short-age.

Trades workers working on the ground also utilize BIM knowledge to set up, to create alterations or to revise projects faster in real time. BIM surpasses it’s 3-D modeling capability to incorporate a potentially unrestricted number of dimensions -  for example cost, time and quality.

BIM consist of all components of a project during construction process that may range from services or the structure itself.

By applying BIM, the structural engineers can easily find out any potential clashes at the beginning stage along the way as changes are unavoidably occurred. Any costly overruns can be easily detected before the actual structure is presented in the field saving  millions of dollars.

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