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Bim For Layout And Fieldwork

BIM facilitates Contractors, Engineers, Detailers, and Architects to generate 2D and 3D Points for Field Layout.

BIM contains enriched database and it is utilized for extremely precise positioning and layout of foundations and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems including the layout of conduit, pipe, duct, cable trays, other wall penetrations

By using digital data generated from a BIM model, the contractors can enhance their productivity with the help of minimizing repeated work, checking the accuracy of points, costly mistakes and providing faster, easier and more accurate layout. 

Construction documents are automatically generated from a BIM model and these document are utilized for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing layouts with precise locations for material and equipment installation.

After the design gets completely coordinated, BIM data can be applied to support in layout of materials and systems in the field. This involves formation of lift drawings - 2D extractions & views in plan and section, detailed & dimensioned narrating the field work in detail, and integrated with pertinent quality and safety information. Besides it also provides auto-surveying - Translate XYZ coordinates to northing, easting, and elevation points, Load directly into surveyors equipment.

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