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Bim For Operations And Maintenance

BIM is a powerful 3D parametric modeling tool that track, update and maintain all the necessary information (which is integrated in a model) about the building elements ranging from wall systems, structural systems, HVAC equipment, plumbing fixtures, door and window schedules, and finishes, right down to the manufacturer, supplier, and square footage of every material, recall the paint color of the accent wall etc. denoted on the project to successfully manage the decision making for operations and maintenance stage all through a building life cycle. It will enhance building performance, diminish repairs, and lessen overall maintenance costs.

As for instance, if a pipe valve gets damaged in a line and started leaking, the as-built BIM model will make it easy to search and access the exact position of the valve easily without destroying the wall. Besides the other specific information regarding valve manufacturer, the order number, and the cost can also be achieved.    

A BIM model contains huge building and operating information gathered by constantly evaluating, examining and tracking history during a building’s lifecycle. These information are utilized for designing and planning of potential reformations and improvements with new construction projects.

A BIM model is continuously updated to perform as a living document which includes an exact picture of the completed space and links to all related facility information (for instance, serial codes, warranties, and the operation and maintenance history of all the components inside the building.) 

A BIM model can empower building designers to utilize the model based rich information for authenticating and processing their prediction models and assess the impact of anticipated materials and system changes to get better performance.

A BIM record model provide useful information to be applied for appraising the cost implications of altering or improvement of building assets and generating exact quantity takeoffs of current company assets applicable for financial reporting and estimating the future costs of upgrades or replacements.

A BIM model can be also utilized for space management to evaluate the obtainable use of space, assess future changes, and efficiently plan for upcoming needs. Precise and comprehensive space information obtained from a BIM model can lead to planning renovation projects, where some building parts will remain occupied and transform throughout the construction stage.

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