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BIM for Site Utilization Planning

Every construction firm has to undergo growing pressure for shorter delivery schedules. Proper usage of space resource on construction sites may overcome the issue to a great extent.

BIM generates 3D models of building site & site planning objects to visualize congestions and execution spaces on sites for proper site utilization. BIM models can be connected with construction activity schedules to analyze the locations of both permanent and temporary facilities, investigate space and sequencing requirements, assembly areas, and material deliveries etc.

Besides a BIM model can also provide supplementary information regarding equipment locations and movement, material staging & material handling areas.  These information can be incorporated into the project model to facilitate and maintain site management decisions, allowing project teams to successfully create and assess layouts for temporary facilities, assembly areas, and material deliveries throughout several segments of the construction process.  This will lead to huge saving on money for a construction project. 

BIM with 4D (3D+time) scheduling capability can also recognize prospective and critical space and time conflicts.

BIM can efficiently communicate construction sequence and layout to all interested parties within a project for safety concerns.

BIM curtail the amount of time spend performing site utilization planning.

BIM provides valuable information for constructors to learn recognized and estimated site conditions regarding existing and proposed utilities, site access, safety and evacuation concerns, excavation, shoring, dewatering, cranes and hoisting, temporary “laydown” storage zones.

BIM can make communication with neighbors, subcontractors regarding Live utility awareness, preventing unsafe underground work  and keeping project moving on schedule    

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