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3D Laser Survey - The new industry benchmark


The AEC industry has improved their workflow to a great extent by shifting from 2D plans to 3D deliverables. Now-a-days 3d Laser Survey is becoming very popular as laser scanning is cheaper, faster and more authentic. Engineers are now collecting data in 3D and transfer it into a 2D AutoCAD or Micro station deliverable. In recent times the information become more user friendly by utilizing “point cloud” data and applying software that is written for the design and construction needs.

With 3D laser scanning technology one can easily generate very accurate useable data in a relatively short span of time facilitating project stakeholders to begin preliminary planning. The free point cloud viewer that is included in every project aids the client to visit the site, create clear-cut measurements, and view the project in 360-degree photography without leaving their desks.

Now designers are greatly benefitted as Micro Station, AutoCAD and Revit contain programs having ability to import 3D survey data directly into the design file.



Now one can capture and document the most extreme and complicated data instantly. The laser scanners can be applied to document wall failures, roof collapses, and to verify that massive complex structures are constructed according to the design drawings.

Today, more and more clients are looking for a “laser survey” and then importing the registered point cloud data to begin designing the “fix.” As a result, travel expenses are roughly one third of what they were before.

Older buildings contain sagging floors, walls with varying thicknesses, and sometimes no interior air-conditioning or duct works. These are all areas where 3D technology can act significantly.

In MEP sector, “smart point clouds” have made significant improvements. There exist programs having capability to automatically turn a point cloud into a series of pipes. Though it is not perfect yet, it is so much better than what was available in the past. The time it takes to model a pipe room is one third the time it took five years ago.

Most serious pipe designers are requesting laser scans on large projects. The new software models and performs clash detection and can export the data into many mainstream Cad platforms. This is now considered an industry best practice.

Now we can measure the interior with a handheld laser and when we leave the building, the model is complete. Many projects can be completed in a single day. With a few hours of clean up the next day, the project is finished and out the door.

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