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ATKINS (WS) : Atkins’ BIM tool plays key role on construction of major US Army installation


A major realignment and expansion project on the historic Fort Belvoir US Army post is nearing completion, thanks to the help of an innovative new BIM (Building Information Modelling) tool developed by Atkins. The 4D model, which runs on a Google Earth platform, is the first of its kind to be used by the US Army Corps of Engineers and is set to provide a new industry application for BIM.




To support the planning and programme management of the Fort Belvoir expansion, which includes over 6 million square feet of new facilities, Atkins was tasked with creating a visualisation tool to coordinate all development activity on the installation across a five-year period.


Atkins’ programme managers, working closely with technology company Onuma Systems, developed the Google Earth 4D model, which combines 3D BIM models with planning data, AutoCAD files and GIS (Geographic Information Systems) layers, then adds the fourth dimension – time – by incorporating construction schedules. The result is a unique tool providing animation of multiple projects across both time and space, with access to project and site data and details of construction progress.

The entire 4D model is available to all authorised team members through a secure web portal.



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