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Award-Winning BIM Discussed by Architect and Contractor During New DesignRealized Continuing Education Program


During the next DesignRealized Continuing Education program on Friday, September 23, the project team from Morris Architects and Satterfield & Pontikes Construction will discuss how they collaborated on the renovation of the Jesse H Jones Hall at the University of Texas. They will cover how BIM was used by all disciplines to create a much stronger project that delivered function and amenity beyond the original program statements.




The Inside Story of the Jesse H Jones Hall Renovation Project is the topic of LearnVirtual's next DesignRealized AIA Continuing Education event. Scheduled for Friday, September 23, 2011, at 9 a.m. Pacific, this program features speakers from Morris Architects and Satterfield & Pontikes Construction sharing how they used BIM to create such value that the client said, "it is almost impossible to imagine how we accomplished so much, so fast, so well, and so happily - all on the basis of great design of which we are very proud."


"This is the third event in our series on Integrated Project Delivery: Virtual Design to Construction," says Tony Rinella, Curriculum Developer for DesignRealized. "With this presentation we move from ideas into practical applications. We will hear from an award-winning team that leveraged BIM and a collaborative spirit to achieve a project even the client acknowledges was beyond expectation."



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