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BIM Service interface exchange (BIMSie)


BIM for interior design solution

A standard API for BIM WebServices: BIM started as a data-driven concept. Files with BIM data were exchanged and the standardisation of BIM data is an important part of the innovation. Today BIM is getting more and more online ("In the cloud"). BIM webservices (often refered to as 'bimservers') are becoming more popular every day. Most of these BIM services are created without notice of other services, and have different, specifically for their task designed technical interfaces (API) for communication.

Connecting to these applications has to be done ‘by hand’ and differs between services. Standardization of an API for BIM server/service/client interfaces creates the opportunity to innovate the industry with BIM services interacting with each other.

Background: The problem occurs that different servers broadcast different interfaces (so called APIs). Because BIM forces users to collaborate more intensively, the issue of missing a standard is quickly becoming a problem. Several different client applications, all connecting to a BIM-service, need to connect in a standard way. Problems arise when client applications (which could also be services) need to connect to several different APIs (for example for a user that works on different projects) that all broadcast a different structured interface and protocol. A standardized API (we call it ServiceInterface) is the solution. This is needed to benifit from the advantages of cloud computing.



Goals: The goals of this project are to create interoperability for information exchange between BIM-WebServices (interfaces), giving the industry the possibility to innovate with BIM in the cloud. The goal ín this project is to create an open ICT ServiceInterface (an API) for BIM-WebServices.

This first version of BIMSie was published in July 2013, after many beta versions reviewed by team members. The documentation of the standard can be found on http://bimsie.openbimstandards.org/

The API is documented in JSON and SOAP format. The documention also give the ability to login to a BIMSie compliant webservice to test the funcion calls. Some common scenarios will be documented and explained on http://bimsie.openbimstandards.org/ (choose 'common scenarios' from the menu option).

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