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COBie is Dead...! But is BIM Dying?


My friend John Grady wrote a few months back about the death of COBie and a lot of people that are tied to its success spoke up in defense. But, are we experiencing the same thing when it comes to BIM? I was planning to write an article about the similarly of the DOT COM era to follow up on my last post, but felt we needed to think about this first.

Here is why I bring it up. Most of us have seen the Gartner Hype Cycle chart and for those that haven’t it, it’s a chart that outlines expectations and time. It goes like this...

Technology Trigger – The introduction of a new technology that will change the way we do business. In this phase you will see one major market player emerge, coining a specific term that the industry adopts as a reference. (Sound familiar?) You will see a lot of companies talk about prototypes and the introduction of start-ups. Mass media hype starts to kick in and practically deployed working products don’t exist.



Peak of Inflated Expectations – First-generation products hit the market that are high priced and need lots of customization or work-around. More and more start-ups are coming into the market spun from in house prototypes. Negative press begins at the highest peak.

Trough of Disillusionment – In the beginning stages of the slide you see consolidations and failures. Many start-up companies are going through additional rounds of funding. Towards the bottom and the beginning of the uptick second-generation products hit the street with services focused on product implementation and adoption.

Slope of Enlightenment – During the climbing slope the adoption rate is longer and at a significant less trend upwards. Third generation products come out with the previous consolidated pieces and are closer aligned with ones workflow making them more out of the box.

Plateau of Productivity – This is an extremely high grow phase where the mass market has not only adopted the new way of doing business, but begins to embrace its success.

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