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Echelon works with Nemetschek Allplan and ITC to Europe offer Solutions for intelligent building management can

Echelon Corporation, A leading developer and manufacturer of networking solutions for energy management, Nemetschek Allplan GmbH, a leading European provider of building information modeling software, and ITC Ltd., a leading German software developer for intelligent energy portals, today shared the availability of a comprehensive energy management solutions for intelligent buildings known.



Echelon's networking platform for energy management control supports open standards, such as LonWorks (R) (ISO/IEC4908-1), Modbus or M-bus for integrating current meters, load controls, displays and other devices in a building or communicate this. The new system is easy in a building with an existing Smart Server from Echelon (on Echelon's networking platform for energy management) retrofitted to implement remote command and control functions as well as energy data to the portal software from ITC that supply there are real-time processed and displayed. The CAFM system of Nemetschek Allplan gaining information related to space and occupancy of the Echelon and ITC data in order to make meaningful analyzes for benchmarking the energy consumption compared to other buildings or facilities. Consumers have the opportunity to manage their energy needs as well as to analyze and exploit in this way can the best use of the network conditions, such as a demand response program, ideally, to reduce costs.



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