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Getting to the Value of Advanced Geophysical 3D Mapping

Advanced geophysics based subsurface mapping delivers measurable return on investment (ROI) in a number of ways. This article draws parallels between the value of Building Information Modeling (BIM), or as it is alternatively referred to as Virtual Design to Construction (VDC), as well as some of BIM’s perceived shortcomings when compared to advanced geophysical subsurface surveys.   


The parallel exists in what Underground Imaging Technologies LLC (UIT) calls SUE PLUS, which is essentially the gathering of precise digital subsurface and positioning data that is georeferenced and ready for integration into BIM, geographic information systems (GIS), or machine control and guidance systems.



By way of comparison, BIM took time to gain traction but has recently seen significant growth. Designing a building in a virtual environment before a shovel ever breaks ground has undeniable benefits as unscheduled delays and costly change orders are eliminated or greatly reduced. Due to the multi-disciplinary approach of BIM, when one element of a project changes, all other dependent elements that are affected are identified long before they are found during construction — where last minute changes are the most costly and unexpected situations create the greatest safety concerns. Once the project design is in a 3D digital format, innumerable benefits are possible.


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