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Hospital projects highlight local adoption of BIM


NORTH BAY — In less than a decade, building information modeling (BIM) has become a major construction simulation and visualization process, and it’s being employed heavily on large hospital projects now under construction in North Bay counties.




Today a growing number of North Bay architects, engineers and contractors — commonly referred to as the AEC community — are using BIM when designing new buildings and infrastructure projects.
Those companies and firms say benefits of this advanced 3-D digital design technique are many, resulting in dramatic cost and time savings and positive return on investment, better designs, improved quality of the final product, enhanced project scheduling, more accurate documentation and efficient contractor collaboration.

BIM supports the entire project lifecycle from design and field support to ongoing facility management and maintenance after a building is completed.
According to a 2009 McGraw-Hill Construction SmartMarket Report, nearly half of the U.S. building industry is using BIM — a 75 percent increase since 2007. The report predicted that in two years the use of BIM would double among structural engineers, triple by mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineers and quadruple by civil engineers. In 2010, a similar McGraw-Hill report stated that the use of BIM on sustainable or “green” projects is poised for growth, considering that 78 percent of BIM users who do not currently use it on such projects say they plan to do so within three years.


Source : http://www.northbaybusinessjournal.com


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