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How Building Information Modeling Helps Buildings Go Green

This old adage is one that craftsmen understand well and never question. Careful measurement and planning is essential in producing any quality product, and when it comes to the building industry, a lot of time and effort is spent on measuring and analyzing how a building’s design will interact with materials and environmental conditions like wind, sunlight, water and gravity. In the last couple of decades the building industry has gone digital, and building measurement and analysis tools have become increasingly high tech.


Building Information Modeling (BIM) software is a relatively new, promising tool that allows architects and engineers to digitally model the different elements of a building (shape, structure, heating / cooling, cost, materials etc) in real-time and quickly understand how specific changes in design or construction models will impact other variables like structure, loads, energy efficiency and the fiscal bottom line. 



BIM has especially helped to enable sustainable design – allowing architects and engineers access to higher tech tools than ever before to carefully integrate and analyze things like heat gain, solar, ventilation, and energy efficiency in their designs.


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