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IBC and Canadian Construction Association Seeking Input on BIM Use in Canada


The Institute for BIM in Canada (IBC) is reaching out to Canada’s designers, constructors, operators, and owners of vertical and horizontal infrastructure to take part in a short survey to help assess the current Building Information Modeling (BIM) environment in Canada.

The Institute, with its constituent organizations the Canadian Construction Association, the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies, Construction Specifications Canada, and the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, has developed a number of strategic priorities for BIM, including an awareness program and the development of a practice manual for BIM users.




“In order to help us develop a practice manual that can facilitate the adoption and implementation of BIM in Canada, it is important for us to communicate with stakeholders across the country,” said Dave Pelletier, Chair of the IBC Steering Committee. “This survey will help us better understand how and why BIM is being used in Canada.”

This particular survey is part of ongoing efforts from IBC to support the use and implementation of BIM across the construction industry in Canada. In April 2011, the IBC completed a comprehensive environmental scan of BIM use in Canada and internationally, which will assist in the creation of a BIM practice manual.
As well, the IBC recently developed a Canadian chapter within buildingSMART International (bSI). This organization develops and maintains international standards for OpenBIM, with chapters in Europe, North America, Australia and the Middle East.

This independent Canadian chapter is reflective of a strong interest in Canada to adopt BIM, while maintaining working and collaborative relationships with outside organizations. In addition to the survey and environmental scan, the IBC is building a strong foundation to support BIM in Canada.
“In supporting the implementation of BIM, it is very important for us to reach out to stakeholders, partners and practitioners in Canada,” Pelletier continued. “I would encourage all interested parties to take part in this survey to give us a detailed understanding of how BIM is being used today.”



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