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Interoperability in Infrastructure


Codes and specifications are some of the most important documents in the construction industry. With the volume of information in this particular area, it can become difficult to manage cost and schedule overruns and rework. Specification technology can help improve efficiency and reduce duplicate data entry.

TEEC (The Engineering Essentials Co.), www.teecspecs.com, Philadelphia, Pa., provides SpecWave software to help the AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) industry better manage engineering specifications and related codes and standards.



The company says its driving goal is to facilitate smart documents that are interoperable with business process and applications such as BIM (building information modeling), project scheduling tools, and other design applications to automate AEC workflows that are currently performed manually.


This technology will help manage the large volume of information required for specification-related engineering workflows. The company is also looking to extend this information across the project, allowing users to design, procure, and install exactly what the user specified. Last week, Bentley Systems announced it has developed a relationship with TEEC by investing in a minority equity position and placing a Bentley representative on the board.

Barry Bentley, executive vice president, Bentley Systems, says, “We are eagerly enthusiastic about the work that the TEEC team is doing to eliminate the current disconnect between design and specification management. TEEC’s development of SpecWave is an important step towards software interoperability across the infrastructure lifecycle, and we look forward to the fruits of this investment, for all project constituents.”


The relationship between Bentley Systems and TEEC could mean big things for the AEC industry going forward. Partnerships such as this could help minimize the disconnect between design and specifications, allowing project teams to automate workflows across the entire project.



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