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U.S. development of BIM standard important for projects


The development in the United States of an industry-wide standard for Building Information Models, known as the Level of Development Specifications, represents a significant step forward in terms of “coordinated, consistent, complete and accurate” BIM-enabled projects, says Canada BIM Council (CanBIM) president Allan Partridge.

“The single biggest value of this specification is that it goes a very long way to define and illustrate the characteristics of model elements representing building systems, assemblies, and components at different Levels of Development,” Partridge said in an interview.

“This clarity now allows model authors to define what their models can/cannot be relied on for, and allows downstream users — particularly fabricators, constructors and subconstructors — to clearly understand the usability and the limitations of models they receive.



“This is a win-win for the entire building design and construction industry as it narrows the vagueness around BIM-enabled projects, sets clear expectations that can be contracted, defines the scope of BIM-related work and mitigates risk associated with BIM fidelity.”

The standard, a first of its kind, establishes definitions for how complete BIM models need to be for different stages of the design and construction process. It was developed by a nation-wide group of U.S. users known as the BIMForum. A draft version was published earlier this year.

Now that the specification is finalized, the BIMForum is making it open to the entire construction, architectural and design community and encouraging them to use it as a reference standard in Building Information Modeling agreements and execution plans.

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