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Achieving Spatial Coordination Through BIM : A Guide for Specialty Contractors


It is a useful publication written by David Quigley, the MD of Emerson in collaboration with three national mechanical, electrical and plumbing associations involving the Mechanical Contractors Association of America Inc. (MCAA), the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association (SMACNA) and the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA).

The book contains several years of professional experience as well as challenging approaching, execution lessons gathered by leading contractors. The book comes up with practical guidance for specialty contractors that focus on how they implement BIM processes and technologies for spatial coordination through building information modeling in their organizations.

The book consists of 170-pages and is completed in two years. This well-organized guide-book consists of comprehensible interpretations, checklists, glossaries and even references concerning hardware, software, and internet and cloud services. The book also provides great advantages for any subcontracting firm by providing necessary steps and preventative measures for any projects executed with BIM.

The introductory part of the book commences with primary information and gradually follows the instruction for evaluating the competences of the staff necessary to form a BIM team. Also learn how to make and figure out execution plans as well as regulate procedure and documentation. The other chapters of the book highlight support for leveraging business profits from one project to the next; assessing contract BIM prerequisites and the nitty-gritty of technology implementation.

The members of the organizations can access the digital edition of the guide at free of cost whereas it will cost $25 in print version. Non-members should provide $25 for a digital version and $100 for print.

Achieving Spatial Coordination Through BIM: A Guide for Specialty Contractors

In order to read the book online, go through the following link - www.issuu.com/dave.quigley/

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