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Advantages of Building Information Modeling (BIM)


The advantages of BIM are many. Let’s take a look at a few standouts:

1. Fewer construction change orders – less money wasted: It is estimated that about 25% of all construction dollars are wasted each year (and some of you readers might even consider that a low number). A good BIM model will reach the construction phase (nearly) clash free. This also results in lower RFIs (request for information), less wasted time, etc. A BIM model can also improve scheduling resulting in better coordination of construction teams, materials and equipment.

2. You can perform analysis on a BIM model: leading to increased efficiency and longer building lifecycle a 3D BIM model opens the door to all types of analysis: energy, structural, construction and environmental just to name a few. More and more governments are requiring energy efficiency and sustainability measures in building projects. Analysis means better design, and better overall results helping to contribute to the extended life of a building.

3. BIM lends itself to 3D Visualization and winning more proposals: 3D Visualization, along with rendering, increases multiparty communication and understanding. You can communicate your vision much more effectively with a 3D model than a 2D CAD drawing. There’s a higher likelihood that the architect and the building owner will see eye to eye when reviewing a 3D model. Construction crews can clearly identify their goal and steps along the way. How many change orders have been caused as a result of not interpreting the 2D CAD drawing properly?



I would also add that a rendered BIM model will beat out a 2D CAD drawing proposal any day!

4. Change it once, change it everywhere saves time: You can easily create the construction documents from a well-developed BIM model. Changes on 2D CAD drawings are tedious and time consuming (not to mention subject to error) With a BIM model - any changes that occur to the model – automatically trickles down to the related construction docs saving time, energy with less likelihood of error.

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