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Autodesk has made a discussion with Architosh regarding the launching of its Revit on Amazon G2 instances Developer Technology


This is for the first time that customers will be able to avail full-grown 3D design, engineering and entertainment software from Autodesk to directly perform within a web browser keeping the performance, power or functionality intact. This is possible with Revit via Amazon G2 Instance.

Autodesk, in conjunction with key technology partners, have built up the aptitude to run indigenous Windows Autodesk applications with the help of a web browser in which the application is operating on an Amazon Web Services G2 server and can be transferred to any apparatus (as well as iPads for Inventor only) running a large number of operating systems and web browsers. For Architosh readers in particular–it denotes that users get the ability to apply Autodesk Revit, 3ds Max, Maya and Inventor on Mac operating system in a well-suited browser.

It is possible with an OTOY developed Javascript decoder (ORBX.js), one kind of useful technology puzzle. It facilitates in producing a 3D program run efficiently via your Web browser.

The other exclusive features consist of Nvidia’s GRID GPU technology being tapped at Amazon that is hosting the software performing on Windows 2008 Server. To describe briefly, hardware GPU acceleration is operating through Keplar GRID GPUs from Nvidia.

At present Autodesk is advising users to utilize Chrome or FireFox for their HTML-5 compliant web browser to imply Amazon instances of these hosted Autodesk applications. Technically Safari is compatible with it but not like other browsers. It will not perform with Internet Explorer.

It is still in beta stage for availing and running applications like Revit via a browser on a Mac or other device and it is uncertain that when the product will be available for commercial application.

Autodesk has made a discussion with Architosh regarding the launching of its Revit

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