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Autodesk Maya 3D Essential Shortcuts


128 Keyboard Shortcuts for Autodesk Maya Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows list of shortcut keys. The key to learning a sophisticated piece of software is to break it down and approach it according to the features you'll be most likely to need on a daily basis.

Painting Operations
Alt+f Flood with the current value
Alt+a Turn Show Wireframe on/off
Alt+c Turn Color Feedback on/off
Alt+r Toggle Reflection on/off
u+LMB Artisan Paint Operation marking menu
b   Modify upper brush radius
Shft+B Modify lower brush radius
Ctrl+b   Edit Paint Effects template brush settings
o+LMB Poly Brush Tool marking menu
o+MMB Poly UV Tool marking menu
Tumble, Track or Dolly
Alt+LMB   Tumble Tool
Alt+MMB  Track Tool
Alt+RMB Dolly Tool
Displaying Objects (show, hide)
Ctrl+h Display > Hide > Hide Selection
Ctrl+Shft+H Display > Show > Show Last Hidden
Alt+h  Display > Hide > Hide Unselected Objects
Shft+I Show > Isolate Select > View Selected
Tool Operations
Return Complete current tool
Insert Enter tool Edit mode
Shft menu+Q Select Tool
Shft menu+Q+LMB Component marking
Alt+q Select tool
Alt+q+LMB   Polygon marking menu
q+LMB Mask marking menu
w+LMB Move tool marking menu
e+LMB Rotate tool marking menu
r+LMB Scale tool marking menu
Animation Operations
Shft+S+LMB Keyframe marking menu
Shft+S+MMB Tangent marking menu
Shft+E Set key for Rotate
Window and View Operations
Crtl+a Toogle Attribute Editor and Channel Box
a+LMB History Operations marking menu
Shft+A Frame All in all views
Shft+F Frame selected in all views

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Autodesk Maya Keyboard Shortcuts

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