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British firm MBH PLC introduces BIM bricks for construction projects


The British brick manufacturer Michelmersh Brick Holdings PLC is undertaking a great initiative to implement BIM (Building Information Modelling) in construction projects.

This company comes up with more than 100 bricks from five major brands containing machine and handmade products through an extensive range. The products are accessible in both Revit and IFC formats and one can easily download these. Choose a wide range of bricks to render and visualize your 3D building portico.



The building owner can get a trouble-free schedule simulation by putting one of brick files into a project and get a preview of the building with the progress of the construction works. So it will perform as the best marketing tool for all project stakeholders and facilitate the contractor to recognize the complete project. A superior visualization is also possible through ‘Model Walkthroughs’, facilitating to understand the spaces of the buildings while going through 3D built environment. Within the 5D realm of the BIM files, the contractor can opt for a easy process of ‘material take off’ to find out the project’s cost and requirements. A ‘Brick Sheet’ is made for trouble-free access to present the ‘material take off’ information containing all the brick product and specifying data.

British firm MBH PLC introduces BIM bricks for construction projects

For getting more updates, visit the following link: http://www.mbhplc.co.uk

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