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Hoops visualize 2016 – The newest application for improved 3D visualization with 64-bit support

Tech Soft 3D launched Hoops visualize 2016 with 64-bit support to various iOS and Android Devices. Hoops visualize 2016 can improve the workflow of various globally recognized CAD and 3D applications.


The software offers some significant enhancements in capabilities field and factory floor settings in software solutions toward the AEC and manufacturing communities.

With Hoops visualize 2016, the developers will be able to incorporate support for either RealDWG or Parasolid into their HOOPS Visualize-based products. Developers can employ the complete potentiality of Parasolid, the most recognized 3D geometry modeling kernel from Siemens PLM that drives applications like Unigraphics (NX), Bentley’s Microstation products, and Vectorworks.

The RealDWG support consist of both 2D and 3D data with RealDWG, the mostly accepted DWG toolkit from Autodesk itself, as compared to the Open Design Alliance’s Teigha DWG toolkits.

Hoops visualize 2016 is integrated with HOOPS Exchange and HOOPS Publish which facilitates the Visualize users to reap the benefits of those two products, correspondingly, for transferring data loads as well as 3D PDF publishing. New sample operators are useful for developers to work out perfect assessments on CAD data through HOOPS Exchange. With the new component, the developers get the ability to develop UI elements for assembly and/or model trees.


Link for download Hoops visualize 2016


Hoops visualize 2016

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