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How to integrate Building Information Modeling and Enterprise-Resource Planning


Some of the large construction software providers have grand ideas of how data can be shared from the beginning of a project through the end, integrating everything from BIM (building information modeling) to ERP (enterprise-resource planning). This has led many down the path of acquisition, in order to piece together a complete solution for construction.

Add another acquired product to the lineup of technology from RIB Software, www.rib-software.com, Stuttgart, Germany, which already owns U.S. COST and MC2. Yesterday, the company announced the takeover of a majority interest in Cosinus Informationssysteme GmbH, a provider of financial, HR, purchasing, and logistics solutions for building suppliers and construction trades based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

This news is significant for the construction industry, as RIB Software plans to integrate 5D BIM (iTWO 5D) with ERP processes (iTWO ERP). Additionally, in the fourth quarter, RIB will offer iTWO RUN, a cloud solution for the maintenance phase of construction projects.



The company says the plan is to integrate all key business processes from the project planning, to the project management, to the business side with the 5D technology. The new iTWO cloud solution, which includes iTWO ERP and iTWO RUN, will ultimately connect building suppliers and trades with the main contractor.

For construction companies, being able to integrate ERP and BIM data could ultimately create more efficiencies throughout the project and even potentially make it easier to share data with the owner for ongoing maintenance of a facility.

It will be interesting to see how RIBís vision for an end-to-end platform unfolds in the next few months, following these acquisitions.

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