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Navisworks Tips for Revit Users


What is Navisworks Manage good for? Model aggregation - either from pure Revit or from a mixture of 3D software Clash Detection Programme Visualization (timelining)

Some great things about Navisworks: it is very fast to navigate around the model in 3D, and files are generally lightweight, you can easily switch between Orthographic and Perspective (its funny the things that impress you as a Revit user...) SpacePilot Pro integration works very smoothly, even better than Revit (probably because the models are lightweight, so the SPP isn't fighting your system specs to redraw things, as in Revit).

Key things to keep in mind when exporting or opening Revit files for use in Navisworks: Firstly, it seems most people recommend using the Revit add-in to export a Navisworks NWC from a dedicated Revit 3D view (rather than opening the RVT direct from Navisworks). This way, you can have some certainty about the export result (the correct Design Option is exported etc) If you have Shared Coordinates set up and working between your various Revit models, things will be a lot simpler. There is an option in the exporter where you can specify that it uses Shared Coordinates. If you are working with a set of RVTs where shared coordinates were never properly set up, you may need to pick a particular RVT and publish coordinates to all related RVTs in the set. This may become tricky if there is no site / main host file and you have to play around by cascading coordinates into all related RVTs... you get the idea.



Some things that will help you: Press F2 anywhere to rename Navisworks has a Project Browser (View - Windows - Project Browser). You can append a 2D DWF containing drawing sheets, and view these sheets in Navisworks from the Browser. You can also select objects from these imported Sheets and find them in the 3D model! (more info on this below) When clashing, you can group clashes related to a particular item by right-clicking on it and selecting "Group Clashes Involving Item":

There are a few tweaks that I find useful on the Clash Detective - Display Settings panel. I only set Item 2 to be highlighted (leaving Item 1 controlled by a previously applied Appearance Profile), and set the Viewpoint to Save changes. Now, as I go through the clash list, I use my SpacePilot Pro in Fly mode to get the view looking nice, and when I switch away and back to that clash, my previous camera movement is preserved

If you do a search using the Find Comments tool, but don't enter any search critera, you will be presented with a detailed history of your interaction with the project - very helpful How to re-path NWC file links (basically just close NWF, slightly rename, open NWF, dialog will walk you through it): Revit .NWC files not updating

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