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Sefaira unveils Real-time Energy Analysis for Revit

Sefaira, the leading provider of energy analysis software for digital building models, just introduced a real-time performance assessment & visualization plugin that offers untimely and frequent analysis to form efficient design.

When any modifications are occurreing to a three-dimensional model, the plugin applies the computational power concerning its performance software to generate real-time assessment.

The plugin facilitates designers to instantly check massing, fenestration, shading, and orientation strategies before time in the design phase by changing the model in either Revit or SketchUp and judging against results.

The plugin is capable of dealing with denser, more complicated models as well as generating a thorough breakdown of building performance along with seasonal peak energy loads and water utilization. The designers will also be able to evaluate several building configurations concurrently.

With this web-based portal, material attributes are arranged easily and designers get the ability to carry out optimization analysis for a diversified parameters like insulation and solar orientation and providing ôresponse curves. Through these reviews for optimization, the designers can get a superior understanding regarding how a building acts upon within a isolated set of variables devoid of presenting several models for testing. The users can then accumulate analysis information online or export to project reports.

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In order to avail the web-based analysis as well as plugins, the customers have to opt for an annual subscription service. Subscriptions cost $5,000 annually and cover a whole office, even though there is a restriction of three new projects per month. For getting more updates, visit sefaira.com.

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