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Seven Pitfalls to Avoid as You Transition to 3D Modeling


You've heard plenty about what to do when moving from 2D CAD to 3D and building information modeling. Now it's time to learn what not to do.

The transition from 2D CAD to 3D modeling and BIM (building information modeling) continues to change how we do business and vexes CAD managers as it does so. But you already knew that. Whether you're implementing 3D systems in the form of BIM for architecture, mechanical design/simulation for physical systems, or 3D topology design in civil/GIS environments, you've no doubt heard many suggestions about how to make the transition.

In this edition of the CAD Manager's Newsletter, I'm going to put a new twist on 3D/BIM implementation by telling you what not to do. By sharing the mistakes I've seen made time and time again, I hope to spare you the pain of repeating them. Interested? Here goes.



If you read all the marketing materials for 3D software systems, you'd conclude that 3D/BIM software is so simple to use that no training is required at all. Buzzwords such as intuitive and easy abound in the literature, and it's easy to see why senior management staffs often fall for those claims.

I don't care what any marketing person says you're radically changing the tools people use and the way they work, so going from 2D to 3D is not going to be intuitive, easy, or simple. In my experience the entire process is counterintuitive (as you unlearn the old software), difficult (change always is), and complex (because many standard work procedures have to change).

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