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SpaceClaim introduced SpaceClaim Engineer 2014

SpaceClaim, the most recognized 3D modeling software solution provider for engineers, just released SpaceClaim Engineer 2014. This newly launched 3d modeling product will provide great assistance to CAE analysts and manufacturing engineers by preprocessing model for manufacturing & simulation.

SpaceClaim Engineer 2014 contains the following exclusive features:-

  • Contains latest modeling abilities, exclusive collaboration tools as well as extensive interoperability.

  • Make speedy performance by enhancing model load times upto 30% and providing support in various fields including file import.

  • Contains tools to automatically detect and eliminate small features that can enhance the model preparation to a great extent.

  • Spread out interoperability involving new translators and file format rapports with Solid Edge AMF and AutoCAD.

  • Compatible with the latest standard like ASME 14.5 and transforms geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) a completely incorporated component of the model.

  • Contains latest features like direct drag and drop file access from Outlook and new semi-parametric functionality.

  • Well versed with any web-hosted, browser-viewable models which anyone can view and interact with applying a PC, smartphone or tablet.

  • With AgX Dynamics add-in, SpaceClaim 2014 offers motion dynamics catering to multi-body systems having joints and frictional contacts. Besides, it also provides mechanics modeling, interactive dynamics simulation, plotting and analysis.

  • Incorporated with Luxion Keyshot for producing dazzling photo-realistic simulation videos.

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SpaceClaim introduced SpaceClaim Engineer 2014

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