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Superior Design and Build efficiencies with BIM


Using digital technologies in the design of buildings, through ‘Building Information Management’ (BIM), will enable them to be more energy and carbon efficient as the different elements can be better co-ordinated for the overall benefit of the completed building.

BIM will lead to the need for architects and other specialists involved in the construction of a building to work closer together so that they have a greater understanding of the impact their work on the overall building performance.

Ben Stanton of Stanton Consulting Engineers, which offers design and management services covering building services and environmental sustainability, has welcomed the use of BIM:

In reality a construction project is a number of different projects running simultaneously. Using BIM means that all specialist disciplines will have to work more collaboratively and we will all have a better understanding of the materials and systems used within a building. This means the different specifications will provide maximum benefits and ensure greater efficiencies for the end user.



The importance of BIM is also being driven by the government who insist that by 2016 all public sector projects will need to use the system. With the use of BIM the government has estimated savings of 20% could be made on overall construction costs.

Ben believes that among the areas that will benefit from BIM are designs of the heating and ventilation systems.

Working with the different stake holders at an earlier stage will allow our mechanical and electrical engineering systems to be designed to eliminate clashes before the construction phase and to provide even greater benefits for the eventual occupier.

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