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The principle forms of CAD mechanical drawings linked with the design process


As a CAD specialist you will need to acquire standard mechanical engineering drawings such that it can be efficiently interpreted by the Mechanical Engineer. Before you start performing on mechanical drawings, you must understand the best method to use common mechanical symbols accurately. You need to take special care while relating different mechanical components design drawings to the total plan of the assembly.

The principle forms of CAD mechanical drawings linked with the design process are:

  • Fabrication drawings

  • Detail drawings

  • General Arrangement drawings

  • Assembly drawings

Fabrication drawings: Fabrication drawings are generally virtual assembly drawing which comprises of a detail list of parts and materials which will be utilized for the fabrication. The fabrication drawing moreover includes referenced documents for heat treatment and stress relieving specifications, geometric tolerances as well as final machining details.



Detail Drawings: All individual members of mechanical equipment ought to be represented in detail to ascertain that they are fabricated in sync with the design requirements, standards and codes. These drawings consist of surface texture, geometry, material, size & geometric tolerances and so on. The detail drawing also includes all the essential information needed for procurement, manufacturing and regulatory compliance.

General Arrangement Drawings: This sort of engineering drawing offers comprehensive information necessary to develop layout, transportation and installation drawings for the mechanical component. It moreover consists of list of arrangement drawings which consists of nearly all the dimensions, equipment weight, installation details & service delivery details.

Assembly Drawings: Assembly drawings consists of drawings of discrete sub-systems, assembly details of precisely how the components, gearbox drawings, roller drawings as well as guard system drawings. It will comprise of parts list identifying all of the member details with materials, quantities and supply information.

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