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Widespread the value of BIM in the field with new BIM Field Trip solutions

Leica Geosystems Inc just unveiled the availability of new BIM Field Trip solutions. This newly launched application is a lifecycle procedure that facilitates contactors as well as building design and construction sectors to reap the benefits of BIM by extending it to the field and put the field information back to the model in the office.

BIM Field Trip solutions is designed to adopt BIM perfectly in concrete layout, MEP layout, quality assurance, renovation/retrofit, and operations/maintenance as-built applications. With BIM Field Trip solutions, the building industry professionals can acquire obtainable building information to digitally plan for new construction in the field and to execute quality assurance checks at the time of constructing the building for superior precision and greater profitability.

The new BIM Field Trip solutions applies the precision measurement technologies which range from the authenticated iCON robot 50 robotic total station and 3D Disto laser measurement tool, as well as the latest innovations.

The BIM Field Trip solutions are accessible in three basic levels containing BIM 101, BIM 102 and BIM 103 to allow companies bridge the gaps in their BIM progressions.

Widespread the value of BIM in the field with new BIM Field Trip solutions

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