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With the advancement of time the concept of Building Information Modeling has changed gradually. BIM has now changed from a simple planning and design tool to powerful post-occupancy management tool. BIM accumulate the data throughout the construction process and these data can be utilized seamlessly for the maintenance and post-occupancy management of assets (buildings and infrastructure), long after these has been finished.

BIM plays an important role in presenting and conserving assets in the cleanest, leanest possible way.

As a post-occupancy management tool BIM provide a vital role in designing, retracing and delivering the right mix of functionality and personality.

Construction sectors can experience a low-carbon future with BIM as the tool comes up with greater productivity, risk management, improved margins and sustainability.

BIM assists to incorporate facility performance with user assessments. The results from user assessment studies and instrument measures of the physical condition of the building can easily be allotted on floor plans utilizing geographic information systems. The construction firms may link these data to their geographic information systems for future planning and design purposes.

BIM provides an uninterrupted procedure of consistently appraising the execution and/or potency of one or more aspects of buildings concerning the issues for instance accessibility, aesthetics, cost-effectiveness, functionality, productivity, safety and security, sustainability, environmental design evaluations, environmental audits, building-in-use assessments, building evaluation, facility assessment, and building performance evaluations.

By applying BIM the owner can better realize the affect of early design delivery decisions on long-run efficiency and effectiveness of buildings as well as building delivery processes and decisions on customer response both in the beginning and over the life cycle of the building.

BIM contains specified information set known as COBie1 which delivers uniform and structured asset information helpful to the owner-operator for post occupancy decision-making.

BIM can also be implemented for enhancing Globalization of the construction supply chain and more homogenization and greater consistency of basic construction-client information demands. These information are now progressively driven by national regulation on energy performance and carbon' accounting.

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