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BIM Pulse 2015 Symposium: BIG DATA – An exclusive event for BIM profesionals

The KU School of Architecture, Design & Planning and KU Professional & Continuing Education jointly organizing a exclusive event on BIM alias BIM Pulse 2015 Symposium: BIG DATA. This event will be held on KU Edwards Campus, Overland Park, Kan on 24th September 2015.


In order to employ BIM successfully in in current processes toward architecture, engineering and construction, it requires handling of “BIG DATA” to detect issues concerning data quality, collaborative environments and interoperability.


This one day event on BIM will highlight the role of big data and how it affects the existing BIM practice. The event starts with recognizing various conflicts of big data and project integration supported with some useful discussions focusing on what steps are taken by regional and national organizations to resolve those issues.


Keynote speaker: Chuck Eastman, a pioneer in BIM, solids, parametric modeling, engineering databases and product models and interoperability, will deliver his speech on BIM associated tools and the future of BIM.


Discussion Topics: Big data and project development - While implementing BIM in a project, the users face problems regarding large file sizes and handling them throughout the project development together with file storage, mining and manipulation.


Project integration and emerging technologies : BIM technologies employ integrated processes for design. Discussions will be made on empirical knowledge and existing computational systems to streamline the processes.


Interoperability for the real world: Any sort of consolidated approach for developing Procurement/Design/Construction (PDC) provides a enormous pressure in the field of data interoperability. To improve the functionality ot the PDC system, the proper data flow methods should be undertaken for sustaining superior levels of interoperability.


BIM Pulse 2015 will also hilights the followings :- Scopes for networking with local start-up companies. Workshops on the application of prevailing tools to support data mining and project integration. Presentation of research projects at KU.


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BIM Pulse 2015 Symposium
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