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BIM & Quantity Surveying

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is now liable for executing many traditional QS functions automatically with its 4D modeling capabilities.

A Building Information Modeling (BIM) system can computerize the measurement of quantities from construction drawings. This will facilitate contractors to have design documents which include exact quantities and specified materials in electronic format.

With the utilization of a correctly configured Building Information Model, an exact bill of quantities (BOQ) can be generated automatically. The BOQ is then applied to create reports in the essential format. This is performed with any phase of the QS dispatch ranging from estimating, tendering and construction control.

By utilizing BIM the contractors will be able to keep a visual record of what has been measured where. This will help contractors to detect clashes and co-ordination errors.

BIM and Quantity Surveying

The importance of BIM from a measurement and costing viewpoint :-

Reduce probable risk by plummeting production phases
Incorporate conceptual design in an as-built environment
Provide highly perfect as-built survey data
Linked to survey data and control framework
Upgrade 2D survey data into RevitĀ® saving time and cost
Minimize project time
It will form the geometry of what has been or might be designed.
Identify the work scope in Bills of Quantities and colonize the Bills with quantities from the model
Specification, auto-annotating the 3D and 2D drawings from the model including dynamically linking the Bill descriptions to the specification.
BIM allows the entire design team to perform on the same plans eliminating the requirements to digitize drawings. In a BIM process entire supply chain is involved and the material manufacturer will get the ability to contribute their own costs. The huge time saving is possible on the cost planning phases. Besides BIM also provide better cost models to fulfill the demand for VFM (value for money) all through the sustainable building development.

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