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BIM with Change & Revision Management

In an construction project frequent changes occurred in various stages from the design to construction in the form of inadequacy of details, inaccuracies in design, misinterpretations and incompetency in preparing the set of detailed drawings & specifications etc. Sometimes changes may happen from client’s end in support of getting new ideas, cost reduction on projects or lacking of a right conception to visualize the project in design phases until it come into reality.  This may affect in time delays, cost overruns, quality.

Change management is an interactive methods to recognize when files are inconsistent and involve modification as the result of other changes.

BIM can serve as the best change management tool that can be utilized for implementing & circulating effective changes (relating to deleting, adding, dividing and merging existing elements) and decision-making throughout the model. All associated components respond to changes, and drawings and documentation automatically updated and updated links are reloaded during building construction.

BIM contains an easy to use interface to systematize and accumulate data concerning design changes.

A relative deviation report from change implementation can be prepared from a BIM model to get a comprehensive imagination of applied design changes.

BIM can be applied to review the constructability of the design inside the model before the commencement of the actual construction project on the site.

BIM considerably minimizes the time necessary for producing shop drawings and material takeoffs for procurement.

BIM supports new information workflows and combines them more intimately with existing simulation and analysis tools exercised by consultants.

BIM can augment the effectiveness of monitoring, controlling and updating in construction projects’ life cycle to a great extent.  

All through the structural and MEP design changes procedure, the BIM tool is well-matched and flexible to employ change orders efficiently.

One can easily comment and mark up documents, drawings and specifications within a BIM tools while managing RFI to affect changes.

When any clash or conflict occurs in MEP trade, BIM can easily recognize the origin of clashes.

BIM includes all necessary information and computerized system in accordance with applying change order throughout construction lifecycle.

BIM provides accurate cost estimation of construction project and able to work out all the cost variance caused by changes mechanically.

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