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BIM for steel & precast concrete erection

BIM based 3D model provides exact visual representation of the steel sequencing & erection process. A 3D model spatially represents 3 dimensional data which can be utilized to highlights and updates all discussions around erection. The structural engineers will be able to “zoom in” on several structural elements within the model.  

BIM effectively creates coordination between the fabricated steel and the other building components to minimize the on-site problems and cut down the increasing cost of steel erection.

BIM facilitates structural engineers to observe the status of each of the steel pieces in the supply chain resulting better management of the erection portion of the project as well as just-in-time fabrication, save substantial amounts of time off of erection schedules.  

A BIM model can be utilized to generate 2D shop fabrication & jobsite erection drawings containing accurate qty's, piece marks and dimensional placement. The model can also be applied to coordinate field layout points detained on the actual jobsite matched up to what was detailed and designed in the model.

A data and information enriched BIM model also produces material lists (ABM), piece counts, CNC files to surpass to the shop to be applied for digital fabrication & erection.

BIM is utilized as a 3D reference and communication tool to better represent and demonstrate design and RFI issues during the fabrication and erection stages of the project.

BIM provides added value to the construction procedures by ensuring that the exact precast elements are delivered and erected on time during the detailing, fabrication and erection phases. A BIM model can also avoid expensive erection delays.

BIM supervise development of detailing, fabrication & erection and also plan for erection coordination and planning to make sure that equipment and fabrication deliveries appear in the right sequence.   

A BIM model plays a vital role to verify probable errors within a plant design before the commencing of fabrication and erection phases. Any comments can be put directly to the 3D model to underscore and expose problem areas.   

BIM presents information in a graphical view ensuring fastest communication among team members and better understanding of overall project status.   

BIM provides erection-synchronized steel delivery by assessing and developing atypical connections, observing where and how special load conditions are supported in a superior way, wherever a visual architectural objective is  accomplished applying less metal and labor. . 

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