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Some BIM Projects In Recent Years

INOVA Fair Oaks Hospital's New Medical Office Building IV

Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology will have to be utilized for INOVA Fair Oaks Hospital Medical Office Building IV located in Fairfax, Virginia. BIM will be applied to pursue LEED ® Silver certification. Suffolk Construction Mid-Atlantic will work as the contractor for the entire hospital building.


NOVA Fair Oaks Medical Office Building IV is a four storied building containing total area of 115,000 GSF and a below grade level designed and erected for a future radiation / oncology imaging suite with two linear accelerator (LINAC) vaults. The project also comprise of a new campus entrance on Rugby Road; site clearing and construction of supplementary surface parking; setting up of site lighting and traffic signals; and the essential site improvements needed for the new medical office building.

Historic Hinman Research Building

BIM was utilized for restoration, rehabilitation, and adaptive reuse of the historic Hinman Research Building containing an area of 35,000-square-foot. The total project cost was $9.5 million. The Beck Group acted as construction manager of the project.

BIM was successfully applied to create collaboration among the architectural team and the construction manager. The construction manager (Beck group) transferred the architect’s BIM model to a construction-level BIM model which integrated laser scans of the space to complete the project design maintaining the construction budget and schedule.

Additionally, Beck group also generated intelligent models to maintain the design, fabrication, and installation of architectural millwork. Beck also offered an absolute model of the building along with facility management functionality to examine the building’s performance over its life cycle.

State Route 99 Tunnel projects

In another case BIM was successfully implemented for collaboration, information sharing. This was a State Route 99 tunnel project in Seattle.  State Route 99 Tunnel is an exceptionally multifaceted project involving civil engineering, structures, architectural elements, mechanical & electrical systems, and traffic management. The project value was $1.35 billion. HNTB served as the designer for the State Route 99 Tunnel project. HNTB utilized an exclusive BIM tool known as Tekla BIMsight for construction collaboration. Tekla BIM sight was applied to combine models from several regulations, evaluate those models with smooth navigation features and capture areas of interest. Tekla BIMsight also facilitated the design team to analyze comprehensive project elements as a whole and locate design and coordination problems connecting each discipline.    

In BIM collaboration, HNTB applied Tekla BIMsight in weekly all-discipline coordination meetings to talk about the two buildings, cut and cover areas, and the tunnel with the sub-consultants, architects, and engineers. HNTB and project participants got the ability to observe clashes and prospective design changes as all the discipline models were loaded into Tekla BIMsight. 

Assotech Blith Projects in Sector 99, Gurgaon

This project was from India. Assotech Limited worked as a developer to make a new housing project, Assotech Blith, in Sector 99, Gurgaon. The project included 12 acres of land containing 586-apartment and located at upcoming 150 Meters wide NPR (Dwarka expressway) in Gurgaon. The project cost was Rs500 crore. In this project BIM was applied for creating the pre-construction three dimensional virtual construction model co-coordinating all the structural architectural and services design elements to get rid of any clashes in the design prior to the compleltion of the project on the ground.  This leads to accurate co-ordination and zero inaccuracies in design. The project was constructed on BIM and LEAN technologies.

Collaborative model based workflow for Canada's new National Music Centre.

A stunning architectural design was developed for National Music Centre situated across from the Stampede Grounds in Calgary's East Village neighborhood. The project area was 135,000-square-foot music center and cost was $132 million.

The project includes a 300-seat performance space, an interactive music education center, a recording studio, and a broadcast center.


The project contains complex geometries and the concerned architect utilizes Rhino3D, a well accepted architectural modeling program to model the structure. There were some problems regarding the scale of the project, complex architecture and mix of materials.

To overcome the problem the architect has to apply Scia Engineer, a new type of integrated structural design software facilitating engineers plug into today's 3D workflows. Scia Engineer can easily analyze the entire structure by using Rhino3D model into analysis.

From Rhino3D, a VRML (virtual reality modeling language) model can be exported. VRML is a general 3D exchange format for surface and solids modeling programs. It is compatible with ArchiCAD, Sketchup, Solidworks and Vectorworks etc. The VRML model was then imported into Scia Engineer. While importing the VRML model, the Scia Engineer can be used to convert the VRML geometry into 1D or 2D members automatically or convey the model in as reference geometry. Due to several doubly curved shell elements in the design, the model was brought in as a reference model. The concerned structural engineers got the ability to aply the tools in Scia Engineer's BIM toolbox to trace around and convert the Rhino3D model into a appropriate analytical model to available for loading and analysis.

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